Panic Attack – Natural & Non-medicated – A Review of “Panic Away”

Panic Attack – Natural & Non-medicated – A Review of “Panic Away”

Experiencing a sudden feeling like your heart is going to jump right out of your chest within minutes can be scary, as it is with Panic Attacks. With our everyday lives consisting of stress and several challenging experiences, not everyone can control their stress level, which can lead to anxiety and ultimately, Panic attacks.

A panic attack occurs with an abrupt feeling of fear and overwhelming anxiety of another attack which causes the heart to beat at an accelerated rate and shortness of breath. A lot of people live with Panic Attacks for years with them feeling lost in life as managing a panic attack is debilitating.

There are pharmaceutical pills and therapies for panic attacks and also unconventional methods such as “Panic Away”.

What is Panic Away?

Panic Away is a program designed to help end panic and anxiety attacks naturally in people with proven techniques and designed mechanisms. Created by Barry McDonagh in 2011, the program claims to have been used by over 80,000 people worldwide. According to McDonagh, the goal is to help people live a more fulfilled life ‘beyond anxiety’ without it defining who and what they are capable of.

The Panic Away Program is offered through Audios, Videos and Ebooks with techniques at handling every panic attack episodes and “accepting it”, with some of his experiences and methods used while he suffered panic attacks for years in the past.

Why Use Panic Away?

Tired of swallowing and depending on pills every time to sleep, treat a panic attack and function normally, attending support groups and therapies or tried everything and nothing works for you? Then, you may want to try Panic Away as it:

  • Helps to naturally deal with panic attacks and reduce the factors of reoccurrence with proper education on panic attacks and 3 stages of; Trust, Accept and Persist
  • Is a non-medicating and non-exhaustive way to treat Panic attacks with a 21-7 proven technique – how to stop a panic attack in 21 seconds and reduce feelings of general anxiety in less than 7 minutes.
  • Physical and Digital versions of the program, making it flexible for users, as you can handle panic attacks while driving, shopping, on the move or at work with an audio or digital version.


  • It’s a natural and holistic approach to solving panic attack with no side effects.
  • The techniques provided to solve panic attacks are very logical and proven as it claims to have effectively helped 90% of users.
  • The founder’s experience makes it easy for users to relate and feel comfortable that someone understands their problems.
  • A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy solution is integrated into the program.
  • Money back guarantee


  • The program is a bit pricey however for known information and something that might not work for everyone.
  • The program isn’t a medically/clinically certified program.
  • The program requires deep concentration and commitment which might be quite adverse and irresponsible for someone driving or be a daunting task to read/listen and concentrate.
  • The book isn’t well structured, consisting of lengthy and verbose information that may cause people to lose interest in grabbing the message instantly.


Panic Away is one of the many solutions to panic attacks and anxiety disorders without medications but the commitment and open-mindedness to be free of debilitating attacks by admitting, accepting and controlling it. As with every solution to things, what’s for the goose might not be for the gander as it is not guaranteed to work for everyone. It can be recommended for people with mild attacks as opposed to those with an imbalance. Therefore, it is advisable to understand your problems and consult with a doctor/therapist.


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